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Legal plan reviews ARAGE Prepaid Legal Plan REview ARAG Review Welcome to the first company review brought to you by In this review, we are discussing ARAG's legal plan offerings. What they offer, and what they don't and how their service is different from the mainstream coverages.
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     Despite the rate at which lawsuits are growing, prepaid legal insurance in the United States has still not been adopted widely. These type coverages have been received well in Europe and perhaps common. Today, in the United States 71% of Americans have ran into an occasion once a year where they have worked with a lawyer to resolve it and the covered members only number in the few millions. So why are we so stubborn? Is it because of the MLM strategy taken by the founding company Pre-Paid Legal Services INC? And the name has been affiliated with high pressure sales? This website will research this topic further, probing the advantages and disadvantages of these type plans and what are common coverage expectations when shopping for a plan. Some of the top employers have begun to offer legal insurance to their employees which is laying the foundation for future growth in this industry.

     Our expectations of this site are to help companies and individuals decide if a legal plan fits your organization. Are you currently under litigation? bill collectors calling? Some plans cover pre-existing conditions, some do not. We will be researching these companies and look forward to bringing you some excellent information regarding this industry in America.

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